Islamic Studies Course Online

6 Islamic Studies Course Online

It is one of Tabarak’s Academy’s featured Islamic Online Classes. Teachers presenting this course are highly qualified who are certified by al-Azhar University to teach Islamic Studies.

About the Online Islamic Studies Course

It is an online Islamic studies course. We teach in this course a curriculum of 12 levels. It joins a handful of level-based and age-based Islamic studies subjects. Such as Fiqh of Worship, Seerah (the life of the Prophet), The Life of the Companions, The Hadith, the Tafsir of the Quran, the Islamic History, the Aqidah, and more.

Students are also welcomed to select a certain subject\s according to their preference.

For Whom is this Online Ijazah Course Designed?

This course is not restricted to age, as it is a level-based online course. There is a special way and curriculum suitable for kids.

There is no required level before enrolling, we could start from the student’s level. So, it is suitable for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and any level in between.

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