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Our Students Testimonials

best academy to learn Quran

thanks a lot


Great online Arabic and Islamic school

This great school to enroll your kids to learn Arabic and Quran the flexibility of the online is great and their staff are very professional with great communication level.

Mohamad Rammal
United States

Good Quran online class

Tabarak Academy is a good school the teachers are on time and they have good communication skills and teach good

Filsan afi

Best academy

This academy and their teachers are very good. She taught me each and every rules of tajwid.today I’m very confident to read Quran. Allah bless them for their service. Jazakallahkair

Sanjeeda parveen

Great service

Good and reliable service, we are quite happy with it

S Hajbi


Best service and really good teachers for Quran studies. Academy is very flexible with time and will try best to cater the needs of learner.

S Marouf

Arabic classes for children

My children really enjoyed their lessons online. The teacher was very friendly and gave time and explained well. Communicated both in English and Arabic very well. The children learned Arabic reading, verbal and writing. Teacher was always very flexible and replied to messages instantly.

Abdulmunaim Alshamery

Good Academy to Learn Quran Online

Tabarak Academy is a good source of learning reading Quran, tajweed rules and memorisation online from native speakers of Arabic.

Shahid Ali

Great Place to learn Quran

The teachers are great and help you improve your reading and bring you up until you’re comfortable. Highly recommend this to anyone who’s interested in learning Quran or how to read it.

Mohamed M

Exceeds expectations

Tabarak Academy has been a blessing for our kids. The tutors are extremely patient, well read and very focussed on results. The best part about Quran classes is that the kids look forward to the class every day and the tutors have built a good rapport with the kids. A big thank you to the management

Sheeraz Saadat
United States


عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I only just recently started and I feel comfortable as after my introduction with the admin I was put at the right stage.The teachers are welcoming yet straight to the point which is quite effective as it allows one to be focused and benefit

Abdul Rahman Adepeju
United Kingdom

Great class

This class is very good and very flexible with times, despite the 6/7-hour time zone difference. The teachers are very thorough and do a good job of making sure you understand the material.

Adham Ahmed
United States