Online Quran Memorization Course

3 Online Quran Memorization Course

It is one of Tabarak’s Academy’s featured Online Quran Classes. Teachers presenting this course are highly qualified who are Hafiz of the Quran and holding Ijazah.

About the Online Quran Memorization Course

It is an advanced mental & spiritual journey with the Quran. It is an online Quran course that focuses on memorizing the Quran and reviewing over and over again to master its memorization.

Students will be going through:

    • Revision on the previous levels of Arabic and Quran surahs.
    • Practice the Tajweed rules in light of an advanced Tajweed book.
    • Regular memorization of new affordable parts of the Quran.
    • Regular revision of the past memorized parts of the Quran.
    • Be ready for the Ijazah Course.

For Whom is this Quran Memorization Course Designed?

This course is designed for those who can read the Arabic Quran easily and have memorized some parts of the Quran. Students are expected to be willing to memorize big parts of the Quran.


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