3 main reasons why learning Arabic as a second language is difficult

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There are millions of people all over the world who speak  Arabic language, whether they are inside or outside the Arab countries. It can be considered as a civilization, that has its own history. In addition, it’s one of the most vital languages. It is so distinguished, as there is no language has the same power of the Arabic language. There are many non-Arabic speakers,  who want to learn this language as a second language for many reasons like,  politics, diplomacy, economy, religion, and  tourism.

But the learners of this language as a second language face some difficulties during their journey of learning . As according to researcher  ,it  is known that next on the list of the harshest languages to learn after the Mandarin Chinese is Arabic language. It is known that there are many Arab countries an they vary in Arabic  according to every region .

  • Difficulties of learning Arabic language as a second language:

Non-Arabic speakers can find some difficulties that obstacle their mission of learning. It is known that, learning any second language is not an easy mission, but Arabic is more difficult than any other language an here are some of these difficulties:

▪︎Lack of the people who are qualified and able to teach  Arabic Language;


”Teaching is not a profession for those who has no profession”

In spite of  teaching  this language to  Arabic speakers is an easy mission, it’s totally different with the non-native speakers. As it takes too much time and very big effort. There are many skills , strategies and trainings  teachers must have before to do their job perfectly. Teachers of Arabic language have a great role ,as the good teacher is the one who provide the learners with motivation by following many different styles of teaching .


If teaching process contains three main elements that are the teacher , the learner and the curriculum to follow, teachers  are the main element as with their educational ,Communicational , organizational and technological skills, they can affect the other two elements positively. In fact, The good teacher is the one who prepares well for his lesson, knows the different teaching styles and class management and realizes the goal of every lesson he or she  explains.

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-The difficulty of finding the resources;

As most of books and resources are for Arab themselves and not for those who want to learn it. So, in order to solve this problem and find the best resource of our tutor , contact us here


▪︎ The laziness of the learners or their weak will.

as when they face any difficulty ,they stop their mission and stop trying, in addition they feel depressed, so they easily give up.

▪︎The method of the teacher maybe one of the biggest reasons. As the teacher has to put in consideration the individual differences between each student and the other, and the gap between their ages. Moreover, the teacher should not depend on the translation or the indoctrination only in his method of teaching.


  • Why should you learn Arabic?

▪︎It is the language of the holy Quran as Allah Glory Be To Him Says that:” An Arabic Quran, without comprising any crookedness, that possibly they would be pious.” (28_ Az-Zumar)

So, you cannot understand the Holy Quran without learning it and also the Hadeeth of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

▪︎ Increasing the numbers of the its speakers all over the world makes it the prevailing language in the world and  helps spreading the Islam  quickly in each country.

It is considered as one of the oldest languages in the history, that still the same with its words until now, as it’s the language of the Holy Quran and the ancient Arabic poetry.

Teaching styles of;

▪︎ Phonetics:

From the very beginning , teacher should start teaching student the articulation points of the sounds and the letters. In this level, the teacher should let the student pronounce the words and recognize its forms like saying: it’s pen then asking the student, is it pen? And the learner responds. In addition ,the teacher should show the lesson with pictures of the book that he uses in teaching.



It is one of the most important things that the students should learn practically, as it helps them to understand the pronunciation easily.

▪︎ Synonyms:

The students in this part should know that  Arabic language consists of too many synonyms that can refer to the same meaning, but it’s meaning changes in the different contexts.

Mainly there is no synonyms in Arabic because each word has a separate indication such as the word “friend” in English, it has more than 10 corresponding translations in Arabic depending on how close they are

1- Turb:a friend at the same of age of you

2- Azzameel :a colleague or co-worker in school or work

3- Al-jalees: the friend who accompanies you in your setting

4- Al-Samir: Who you spend your night taking to him

5- Al-Nadim: who accompanies you in your drinking

6- Al-Sahib: Who accompanies you all day long



The teacher should speak in  formal Arabic during the session to help the students to get used to the Arabic sounds and words, so they will speak correctly.