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Arabic language
‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
 As it is really important to increase the limits of your world, read whatever you want ,speak whatever you wish, Travel wherever you want, we will tell you some tips to increase your Arabic language. But first ,let us know why is it important to learn it?
Arabic language is the language of Quran and it is spoken by two billion people. It is the official language of the league of Arab state. Therefore, it is one of top five in the ranking of languages in the world 2021 in terms of importance. However, its importance mainly originates from being the language of the holy Quran.
In Muslim’s belief , every Muslim should learn it  well, in addition, there are many orientalists and historians who are full of eagerness to learn Arabic, so there is an incredible increase in the number of Arabic language students.
Allah chose this language among all other languages in the world  to be the language of Quran. Allah says:
“We have sent it down, an Arabic Koran, in order that you understand.”
So, there is a great link between Arabic language and Islam.  A Scholar said ”Arabic language is a part of the religion ,learning it is an obligation and understanding of religion can not happen without learning Arabic. Also, Arabic language is one of the greatest links between Muslims all around the world and it establishes unity between them regardless their colors, languages and nationalities.

1-Read and learn Quran to learn Arabic language;


As Quran is a linguistic miracle in every sense of the word. Its preserving and memorization is a miracle from Allah. Al-Hassan stated: “This community (Muslims) was gifted with the ability to memorize and those who came before it were used only to read their books and if they closed them, they would not remember a single word save the Prophets among them.” This is because Qur`an is preserved by hearts, made easy for remembrance and mesmerizing the hearts of the believers. Quran is the last divine book and the first source of Islamic legislation.

It is the origin of Arabic language and if you keep searching for any mistakes for 100 years, you will not find any single mistake in it. From Quran , Arabic specialists derive the rules of;

  • syntax (the structure of sentences)
  • semantics (meaning)
  • pragmatics (language in context
  • Rhetoric
 If you learn Quran, you will not only improve your Arabic  but  also you will get a reward from Allah  as reciting and reflecting over the Quran has tremendous benefits in this life and afterlife. The Quran will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment.
The Prophet  said “The Quran is an intercessor, is given the permission to intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of himself, will be led to paradise; whoever puts it behind him, will be steered to hellfire.”
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2-Learn a new word everyday to improve your Arabic language;

If you learn a new word everyday, you will have a lot of words day by day and your language will be improved. So, try to learn a new word everyday , put it in sentences and do not forget to apply them as much as you can. Making a habit of finding new words and putting them into practice will go a long way to increasing your brain capacity and expanding your mind to the world around you. This will stretch your memory and make you smarter with the language. You also can apply this principal with other fields of  knowledge.

-ways to learn new words everyday;

  • Notice new words as we come across a lot of words everyday in bus, social media, street and T.V.
  • Read more as The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go
  • Use dictionaries and sites that can notify you with new words everyday. Like ,Transparent language and Arabic Pod 101
  • Use a note to record all new words you know. Do not forget to record these new words in sentences as this will make them memorable.

3-Listen a lot to Arabic language , use shadowing (repeat the dialogues as you hear them) and record to yourself then listen to your recordings again;


Arabic language

Shadowing and listening  are  an extremely useful tools for increasing fluency as well as improving your accent and ability to be understood. Listening is a very easy job as you can listen anytime and anywhere even if your busy driving or doing housework. You can keep listening to the same section many times as it is better than listening to many sections without getting a single word stuck in your mind. You can listen to Quran ,any Arabic book ,articles or even news on T.V.