What is Black Magic? How to Save Yourself from It?

What is Black Magic

Black magic is real and is one of the most ancient practices of the world. It is deeply condemned and rejected in the dominion of Islam. Islam doesn’t have any space for people who knowingly associate themselves with black magic, or any sort of bewitchment, for that matter.

We have some reference from Quran that talks about what is black magic and its probable origin. Verse no 102 from Surah Baqarah says:

“They followed what the devils gave out (falsely) against the power of Suleiman: the disbelievers were, not Solomon, but the devils, teaching men magic, and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut.

But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, “We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic]. Those individuals used to learn from them the art which sows discord between husband and wife. But they could not do any harm to anyone without Allah’s permission. Yet they learned that which couldn’t profit them but harm them. Moreover, they knew that anyone, who buy it, would lose any share in the next life. And wretched was the price for which did sell their souls if they only knew”.

What is Black Magic?

Black magic is conventionally known to be the use of paranormal influences or magic for selfish and evil purposes or witchcraft linked with Satan or other evil spirits.

 Some people call black magic the “left-hand path” and determine that the right-hand path is benevolent white magic. However, Islam tells us that there is no such thing as white magic and all types of magic are haram.

What is Black Magic? How to Save Yourself from It?

Symptoms of Black Magic

Below are some black magic symptoms that one may experience when they are afflicted by it.

  1. Averting, specifically, from obedience to Allah (SWT) and acts of worship, His remembrance (Dhikr), or reading the Quran
  2. Erratic behavior in one’s deeds words, and movements
  3. Scary nightmares
  4. Sleeplessness, anxiety, and distress upon waking.
  5. Speaking loudly when sleeping, or moaning and squeaking.
  6. Seizures without any medical condition; some symptoms show that a seizure may be due to magic
  7. Limb paralysis without any medical reason
  8. Getting angry quickly or crying without any apparent reason
  9. Persistent headache which is not relieved by painkillers without any medical reason
  10. Irregular periods in women.

How to Protect Yourself from Black Magic: Duas and Remembrances

The answer to your question about how to protect yourself from black magic is to make lots of du‘aas. Remember that you should observe the proper etiquettes of making dua (supplication) and dhikr (remembrances).

 The first and foremost etiquette is to be mindful of your words and attentive to the meaning. You need to stop your chores and sit down somewhere quietly. Now, remember how much you need Allah and invoke him from the depth of your heart.

You should make the following duas or read the Qur’anic verses as advised below.

  1. Read this du’a three times after fajr prayer and three times after ‘Asr prayer: bismillaahil-ladhee laa yaḍurru ma‛asmihi shay’un fil-arḍi wa laa fis-samaa’i wa huwas-samee‛-ul-‛aleem
  2. Say Bismillah before stepping into your or someone else’s house and before eating.
  3. Read the last three surahs (al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq, and an-Naas) of the Qur’an three times after fajr prayer and three times after Asr prayer.
  4. Recite Ayat-al-kursi after each mandatory prayer, and before going to bed
  5. Read this dua before entering the toilet: bismillaah, allaahumma innee a‛oodhu bika minal-khubuthi wal-khabaa’ith
  6. Make this dua before leaving the house: bismillaah, tawakkaltu ‛alal-laah, wa laa ḥawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah.
  7. Make this dua before sitting in or entering a new place: a‛oodhu bi kalimaat-illaahit-taammaati min sharri maa khalaq. This dua should be recited when you just step in a new place like when you get out of your car, set foot in a new building or someone’s home, and when sitting down outdoor, etc.
  8. Read this du’a ten times after fajr prayer and ten times after ‘Asr prayer: Laa ilaaha ill-allaahu, waḥdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-ḥamdu, yuḥyee wa yumeetu, wa huwa ‛alaa kulli shay’in qadeer.

How to Protect Yourself from Black Magic: How do these Duas Work?

(The numbers correspond to those above)

  1. These duas and dhikr protect you from black magic, jinns, and the evil eye as they are narrated in the hadiths.
  2. If you say the dua we have mentioned above three times after fajr prayer and three times after ‘Asr prayer, nothing can harm you all day/night
  3. When you utter Bismillah before stepping into your or someone else’s house and before eating, the devils couldn’t eat from your food or stay in your home
  4. If you read Ayat-ul-kursi before going to sleep every day, it will provide you with two benefits. The first is that there isn’t anything between you and Jannah except death. The second is that Allah (SWT) will send a guard (angel) to shield you against all evils, and the devil will not harm you
  5. When you read dua before entering the washroom, you will be shielded against the male and female devils who reside in the toilet
  1. When you read dua when stepping out of your home, the angels declare, “You will be safeguarded, protected, and guided,” and you will be protected from shayṭaan
  2. When you read dua before sitting in or entering a new place, nothing will hurt you until you leave
  3. The last three chapters (surahs) of the Quran which are al-Falaq, an-Naas, and al-Ikhlas, will be sufficient for you against everything. This is among the virtues of the Holy Quran that these small surahs have such a profound effect.
  4. If you say the dua we have mentioned above ten times after fajr prayer and in times after ‘Asr prayer, nothing can harm you for all day/all night. Plus, Allah (SWT) will send protector angels to defend you against the devil until morning/evening comes.

Allah knows best. May peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his companions, and his family.

The Significance of Taqwa

The best generic advice that can be offered to anyone to protect themselves from magic and devils is to have the taqwa of Allah (SWT).

Taqwā means to do as many good deeds as possible to be rewarded by Allah and to keep away from disobeying Allah to protect yourself from Allah’s wrath.

Taqwa helps a Muslim to come closer to Allah and your protection against all evils including magic increases with your proximity to Allah. Undoubtedly,taqwā saves a Muslim in this world and the next.

You can do many righteous deeds as part of Taqwa like giving in charity, offering voluntary prayers, observing fasts on Mondays and Thursdays, being good to your parents, etc.


As Muslims, we aren’t allowed to learn magic or try to afflict someone with magic with the help of a magician. However, you should try to keep yourself and your family protected by praying five obligatory prayers, having taqwa, and saying your remembrances at specific times of day and specific occasions.