Is Arabic a Difficult Language to Learn?

Is Arabic a Difficult Language to Learn

Arabic, the language of God as Muslims say it. Spoken by 422 million people, Arabic has made its place in the top 5 languages of the world. Many people opt Arabic as a second language in their optional courses as they believe it would benefit them in their career.

Many aspiring students who enroll themselves in universities in the Middle East learn Arabic too. Furthermore, many adults, who are stationed in countries where Arabic is the native language are pushed to learn Arabic for their comfortable stay in that country. These are the few examples that state the importance of the Arabic language.

 But the question arises, is Arabic hard to learn? And why is Arabic so hard to learn?

So finding the answer for is Arabic a hard language to learn, consider, if your native language is English, Arabic comes in the 6 hardest languages to learn. It actually falls on the second number. There are dozens of varieties of the Arabic language, usually classified according to the region or country in which they are spoken, and can vary radically from one another. Thus, the first step is to choose the dialect that you want to follow in part. Arabic is another language of the non-Latin alphabet.

The 28 script characters are more straightforward for English speakers to understand than thousands of Chinese characters, but are still an adaptation to get used to the new writing system. One of the most difficult things for beginners is to read and write in Arabic because most of the vowels are excluded from the word. Another challenge they face is writing right to left, Arabic is originally written from right to left, for someone who has written left to right their whole life, easing up to this can be difficult.

Moreover, some of the sounds and pronunciations in Arabic aren’t present in any other language, hence making it harder for learners to absorb in the information. The grammar in Arabic is challenging too, the verb coming before the subject and having to learn a dual form of words in addition to the singular and plural form.

Thereby, this answers our question on why is Arabic so hard to learn?

Moving onto our other question; is Arabic hard to learn? Yes, yes it is! However, something being difficult does not mean it can’t be conquered!

We know it’s hard and we know why, now let’s see how we can overcome this hardship. Here are 5 ways to learn and improve your Arabic language.

Decide Which Form of Arabic You Want to Learn

Arabic has two types, modern standard Arabic and classical Arabic (Arabic used in the Quran). Classical Arabic is much less popular as it is more difficult and the pronunciations and dialect is much harder to understand. Although, Arabic has two types, it also differs from region to region. For you to excel in your learning, have an apt knowledge of what regional Arabic you want to learn.

Modern standard Arabic has become popular amongst students as it is spoken in 22 countries and is also the official language of the United Nations.

Start with The Basics

When we say basics, we mean basics. When we started learning, the first thing every child studied was the Alphabet. Well, learning a new language, you have to start with the alphabet, once your basics are strong, the difficulty level would drop.

Use the Arabic Dictionary

Whenever you don’t know the meaning of a word in English, you immediately go find a dictionary and clear your confusions. Now that you know nothing about what you’re reading in Arabic, keep a dictionary on hand so that you can properly understand what you’re reading.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Whenever you want to achieve something, what do you do? You practice! Be it a maths test or swimming race. It is the same here too, practicing what you have learnt is what would make you better at it.


Plug in some Arabic exercises and try copying them, once you speak what you’re learning, you would have a better understanding of what you’re doing.

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Arabic is a very difficult language to learn but with Tabarak Academy’s intelligent tutors, we have made it easier for you to grasp the concepts and climb up the Arabic ladder easily. We have made it easy and fun for you so you can enjoy while you study. Go on and register yourself with Tabarak academy for good results and 100% guaranteed success.