How to Learn Arabic Language?

How to Learn Arabic Language

The Arabic language is very different than most of the languages spoken around Europe or in the continents of America. Here in this article, we will guide you through effectively learning the Arabic language. The alphabets and script of the Arabic language might seem intimidating at first, but do not let that dampen your motivation to learn the Arabic language.

There are two different forms of the Arabic language that are commonly used all over the world. Written Arabic or classic Arabic is different from spoken Arabic and is commonly known as Modern Standard Arabic. If you intend to learn Quran Online, you must familiarize yourself with the classic Arabic.

Learn Arabic Alphabet

To begin learning the Arabic language, you must learn the alphabet first. It will help you to read it efficiently. We write the Arabic language from right to left. There are separate symbols to distinguish the sounds that rise and fall as the letters merge to form words and sentences.

The Arabic language also has symbols that enforce punctuation in a sentence. These symbols are different from those present in other languages.

You can learn Arabic language alphabets and symbols by making flashcards or writing them in the form of lists that translate into their equivalent in English. You should try to invest time in this activity and practice these sounds as much as you can. Once you finish this step, we will move on to the next.

Read Arabic Text

After you are familiar with the Arabic alphabet and other symbols, you should begin reading simple text. The key to success in learning the Arabic language is being consistent in your practice. Repeatedly read the text so that you may become proficient. The more you practice, the more you can train your mind to read the sounds and symbols and how these two come together to form sentences.

Keep a Dictionary Nearby

There are several applications available on the web that help you to translate Arabic words into other languages. It will prove to be helpful when you start to learn new words and use them in simple sentences.

You can also consult a dictionary regularly. Like any other language, a dictionary will help you in multiple ways. It will make you understand the meaning of words in Arabic, and help you understand written and oral vocabulary with expressions.

Arabic language experts suggest that learning 500 words of vocabulary greatly improves comprehension of semantics and grammar.

Practice Speaking Arabic

Once you get a grip on reading and understanding at least the basic Arabic sentences. You should increase your linguistic proficiency. There is a fool-proof way to improve the Arabic language, it is speaking it regularly. Do not shy away from the fear of not following the semantics. Speaking Arabic will only strengthen the concepts you have merely learned. We believe that the more you are exposed to a language, the more fluent you will get.

When you use newly learned Arabic words in your everyday routine, you will start pronouncing them correctly, and that too with context. Practice in front of the mirror to overcome the shyness and improve fluency.

There are many ways to improve your oral proficiency to learn the Arabic language. You can join any discussion forum around you. There are many forums created on the web that help you in this act. The online forum would be beneficial such that you can access it from anywhere and anytime that you find convenient.

The Arabic culture takes immense pride in its rich heritage. You can look around for a cultural center around you. At such places, you can increase knowledge about the Arabic language. The Arabic are extremely hospitable people and will help you with the learning process.

Group Learning

You can get help from a private tutor to learn the Arabic language if you are finding difficulty in getting accustomed to the semantics and grammar of this language. A native speaker of the Arabic language will prove to be more helpful to you than learning it alone.

Another efficient way to help you learn the Arabic language is by looking for an Arabic group class nearby. Learning with fellow students will speed up your progress.

Daily Life Practices

Learning the Arabic language will be even more fun and easy if you allow it to seep into your daily life. You can watch TV shows, tune into Arabic radio stations or watch videos on the web. Keep yourself on the right track and motivate yourself to do oral and written practice every day.

Learn a new word every day and try using it in your routine. Improve writing skills along with the oral ones to get the full hang of the Arabic language.

What Not to Do

While we are telling you many things that will be helpful for you to learn the Arabic language, however, there are several things that you need to avoid doing as well. Firstly, remember that you cannot be an expert in the Arabic language in a matter of days. Give it time and be patient and forgiving. Just keep going on slowly and steadily, and eventually, you will get there.

Secondly, do not try to overburden yourself. You cannot learn everything at once. Begin with the 28 letters and their variants. Once you understand the basics, you can climb the ladder with ease.


If you want to learn the Arabic language, there is no age restriction to get started. Just remember that learning a new language requires patience, time, and lots of practice.  Don’t let anything demotivate you, even if your progress is slow, you will get there eventually. Arabic is one of the top 10 languages spoken around the world, therefore, the importance of the Arabic language is undeniable. This mere act will be helpful to you in case you have to visit any of the 24 countries where Arabic is their official language. Once you can unravel the secrets of Arabic script, no other feeling beats this sense of accomplishment.