About us

Who we are?

Tabarak Academy is a new, fun, and effective way of teaching one-on-one and small group online Qur’anic Arabic and Islamic Studies to practically help you and your child gain a deeper understanding of the Qur’an.


offers you incompatible and unique features:

  • Highly qualified and Azhar-certificated Native Arabic tutors who are TRULY fluent and native-like English Speakers to help your children understand the meanings and also enjoy learning.
  • Real teaching, not just the boring repetition all over the class. So the student lives and feels what he is learning, and puts it to practice accordingly.
  • Safe and fun learning environment for you and your kids.
  • Female Tutors for female students.
  • Choose your favorite handpicked Online Quran teacher based on his proven portfolio and appoint your desired timings & days = 24/7.
  • Monthly and weekly assessment reports of Students progress, and video records on demand.
  • Secured and flexible payment methods and not just Paypal.
  • There are no registration fees to the trial Quran class.
  • On demand: hire multiple tutors for various subjects.
  • Multi-languages to learn the Quran with your own native tongue.

How it works?


You choose your favorite Program and register for free without any fees.

Trial Free session

Schedule your trial free sesion with the Quran and Arabic online tutor.

Start Taking your first class

When you like and adore the class, you will schedule your classes according to your local-desired time.