Online Ijazah Course

Online Ijazah Course

Reciting the Holy Quran beautifully and having a full understanding of its meaning is the religious obligation of every Muslim man and woman. This enables the reciter proficient in the knowledge of the Holy Quran. Each word and verse is recited beautifully with correct pronunciation that enhances the auditory experience of listening the Holy Quran.

Are you looking forward to learn the recitation of the Holy Quran with tajweed? You must consult a certified Quran tutor for this purpose. In the busy routine of today, one finds it very difficult to take out time to join a Quran class in a madrassa or the local mosque. People are occupied in their studies and work jobs. If you are one finding difficult to manage time for a physical class. Enroll yourself today with our certified Quran class and learn Quran online.

Tabarak Academy has qualified Quran instructors who have full knowledge about tajweed and can help you become proficient in the most melodious recitation of the Holy Quran you have ever heard. Our Quran instructors have certified materials to guide you through the understanding of the meaning of the verses. It will greatly help you to learn more about Allah’s message to mankind. You can book yourself and ijazah course online today.

What is Ijazah in Islam?

In Islam, ijazah means to have permission or authority to teach the lessons from the Holy Quran. The Quran is the Noble book of ALLAH Almighty. We cannot trust anyone to educate us and guide through the understanding of its teachings.

A person who can teach us Quran must have Ijazah or permission to do this. It is considered as a license that is issued to the qualified Quran tutors. This ijazah depicts that the holder is fully capable of transmitting their Quran knowledge in others.

Historically, in the 9th century of Hijrah, the formal ijazah qualification came to surface..this means that the holder of an ijazah certificate links back to the Holy Prophet Mohummad (P.B.U.H). this knowledge of Quran and recitals was in accordance to how the Prophet (P.B.U.H) taught his knowledge of Islam to his followers. Anyonw who had this authority kept on teaching others and passing on the legacy down the chain. Tabarak Academy too takes immense pride in offering an online ijazah course to its students.

We have the permission to spread the Holy Quran to anyone who is interested in the teachings of Islam to spread the light of guidance and direction for the people of Allah.

Why is it so Important?

The Holy Quran is no ordinary book, written by no ordinary person or sent to no ordinary leader. It is the book of Allah and has a special protocol associated with it. It is a matter of our faith and our religion, to it must be taken seriously.

We must take special precautions to gain the knowledge about Quran from a highly qualified source that is certified for authenticity. The ijazah course online will make sure the understanding you receive is accurate and not superficial.

An ijazah online course also ensures that the person teaching the Quran is proficient with the rules of tajweed and has memorized the Holy Quran. It is a high achievement in Islam that symbolizes that the preacher is proficient in knowledge and understanding.

Reasons to Get Ijazah

  • The Holy Quran is the Noble book of Allah and ranks higher than any other book or revelation of Allah sent for other prophets. It is a sin to make mistakes in the recitation or learning of the Holy Quran. And ijazah course prevents these mistakes. This preservation of the Quran from errors makes it more fruitful for the reciter.
  • We, at Tabarak Academy consider it equally important to both the learners and the teachers of the Holy book to have an ijazah certificate before beginning the lesson in our online ijazah course.
  • The Tabarak Academy enhances the inner confidence of the student and instructor through these ijazah courses. It is a privilege for the both the students and the parents to provide peace of mind that the learning will be error free.
  • An ijazah certifacte from Tabarak Academy is the highest mark. It indicates that the obtainer stands at the highest level of teaching and has excellent command over the preaching and recitation of this Holy book. Amongst all the certifications and degrees issued by any authority in Islam, an ijazah certificate is the most accredited Quran certificate.

Types of Ijazah We Offer

We offer two types of online ijazah courses for our students. There are different duration courses and have varying remunerations. The two course we offer are as follows

1. Ijazah Course in Quran Recitation with Tajweed

An online ijazah course for tajweed is given to the students who can fluently recite the Holy Quran with tajweed. All the while following the rules and with melodious formation of verses and words, without any mistake. The person has to recite it in front of an Ijazah certified Sheikh from Tabarak Academy.

We can also say that the ijazah in Quran recitation with tajweed course is for those individuals who want to teach the recitation of the Holy Quran with tajweed.

2. Ijazah Course in Hifz-e-Quran

In this type of online ijazah course, permission is given to those learners of the Holy Quran who have memorized the Holy Book without error. They are fully capable of reciting it without requiring to place the text in front of them.

They too have to recite the Quran in from of an Ijazah certified Sheikh from our prestigious institution.

When our students complete the ijazah online course with going through competent evaluations and successfully passing tests. We will provide them with their respective ijaza certifications.

Prerequisites of Ijazah Online Course

Our ijazah course online is the best offered in town. This certification course is of advanced level and demands certain pre-requisites form tis students. We are enlisting these below

  • The student must be capable of reading the Holy Quran in Arabic. You can enroll in our beginner’s recitation course is you lack this skill.
  • They must be able to have full understanding about the rules of tajweed. If you do not find yourself fit in this capacity, enroll yourself in our learning Quran with tajweed course.
  • The students who wish to obtain the ijazah certification for Hifz, must have memorized the Holy Quran by heart. You can register yourself in our Quran memorization course at Tabarak Academy.

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