Our best online tutors

  • Sh. Mohammed
a native speaker of Arabic, memorized the whole Qur’an with profound understanding of tajweed rules and Qur’an recitation. Bachelor of of Islamic studies in English, Faculty of languages & Translation, Al-azhar University (Egypt). He can teach Quran Memorization, recitation, Aqidah, Islamic studies for adults and kids. Quranic sciences, Tafseer and Tajweed. Arabic studies as well. He has been working as an online Quran and Tajweed tutor for years. Having a certificate (Ijaza) in (reading& teaching) the Holy Quran narrated by Hafs from Asim, with Isnaad to the Prophet peace be upon him. Ma sha Allah, he has taught many students all over the world. Loving teaching Quran with all its aspects. As he can simplify any ruling he explains for both kids and adults.
  • Ustaza Rahmah
She is a native speaker of Arabic. She memorizes the whole Quran with Tajweed rules. she Graduated from Faculty of language and translation, Al-Azhar university (Egypt). Having an experience in teaching the children and adults as well. She teaches Quran, Recitation, Tajweed rules, and Arabic for many non-Arabic speakers Maha’Allah. She has the ability to teach the adults and the kids. Also, she can teach Islamic studies for kids and adults with different levels.
  • Sh. Hagag
He is a native Arabic speaker. He is from Egypt. He graduated from faculty of Islamic law, Al-Azhar university. He is a senior and expert teacher. He is an Imam, preacher and teacher working for ministry of endowments and Islamic affairs in Egypt. He has 15 years’ experience giving Ijazahs for many different countries. He can teach Arabic with all its different branches for all the levels and ages.
  • Sh. Youssif
It’s my pleasure to work with this professional academy and great environment. First of all, I am Youssef. I hold a bachelor deree in Islamic studies in English Language, Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al Azhar University. Currently, I am doing my Master degree in the same department. Alhamdulliah I memorize the Holy Qur’an. Moreover, I have Ijaza in Tajweed and Fiqh. In addition, I am able to teach adults and kids through various techniques and methodologies.
  • Sh. Mahmoud haggag

Sh. Mahmoud haggag turky is a Hafiz with Ijaza in Hafs from A’asim narration, and has memorized the entire Quran since 2015 He is an excellent online Quran and Tajweed tutor with more than 4 years of experience in working with non-Arabic speakers of different ages. He applies exceptional teaching methods and memorization techniques to suit the learning aptitude and needs of each student.

  • Sh. Mahmoud Elsayed

He is a native Arabic speaker, who graduated from the faculty of languages and translation from Alazhar University. He memorized Quran at a young age. He managed to have both general and professional diploma in education and he can teach Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies as well for the kids and adults.

  • Ustaza Ebtisam Mohamad

She is anative Arabic speaker. She is from Egypt. She graduated from the education faculty, English department. She has a teaching license from the Qur’an memorizers Care charity in Minia 2011. she has a license from the society of Qur’an Studies 2015. She has a license to teach the Holy Quran from the Egyption Ministry of endowments 2018. She has the sand(license) in the narration of imam Hafs on the authority of Asem 2017.She has a teaching license in tohfat Alatfal and Almoqademah Aljazariah. She has a permission of hearing to books to Sheikh Jamal Al-Qursh 2018. She is working as ateacher of Qur’an at Alzahraa Alganobyeh school in Minia for 12 years. She has been working as a teacher of Noor Al-Bayan for 4 years.

  • Ustaza Walaa Ahmed

Assalamu Alaikum I am Walaa Ahmed, a native speaker of Arabic from Egypt.I memorized the whole Quran with Tajweed Rules, I have an Ejazah Hafs from Asim,I graduated from Al-Azhar University, the Faculty of Sharia and Law. I have a good experience in teaching children and adults. I can teach the Noble Qur’an, the rules of intonation and the Arabic language to non-Arabs, and I have taught many students from England, US, Pakistan, India, America, Turkey, Nigeria and Mauritania.

  • Ustaza Maryem Omar

A native Arabic speaker, fluent in English. She Memorized the Holy Qur’an with master of Tajweed rules and Qur’an recitation. She Studied at Al-Azhar University (Egypt). She can teach Qur’an memorization, recitation, Tafseer (Qur’an meaning), Foundation and Tajweed for kids and adults. She is experienced in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers as well, Ma Sha Allah she taught many non-Arab speakers. she is always up to date with new methods of online teaching, she is a passionate teacher.

  • Ustaza Habiba

Shaykha Habiba graduated from Al-Azhar Unversity, faculty of Languages and Simultaneous interpretation. She memorised the Holy Quran fully at the age of 13 then went to memorize the Holy Quran and study the theoretical Tajweed rules again in 6 years and got an Ijaza from al Haramen institute which is oversaw by Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Aissa Hasan El Masarawi, the former Egyptian sheikh of the “’Umum Al-Maqarii“ in 2013. Shaykha Habiba has taught the holy Quran to Arabic speakers for 8 years and has been teaching the Quran and tajweed to non-Arabic Muslims for 6 year. Shykha Habiba holds 4 Ijazas in Qira’at with Isnaad to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and is currently working to get Ijazas in the rest of the 10 Qira’at. She has also given Ijazas to many of her students. She finished some specialized programs such as Zad Academy for Islamic studies and Muddaker program for Tafseer ,and she is currently studying in binaa manhajy program.

  • Sh. Mohammad Abdalkader

He Studied at Al-Azhar university, faculty of languages and translation. He is a native speaker of Arabic. He memorized the whole Quran with profound understanding of tajweed rules and Qur’an recitation. He has one year experience in teaching the Qur’an and Arabic language and Islamic studies for Non Arabic adults and kids from American, Canada and England. He prefers to teach for kids from 8 years and adults