Terms and Conditions

Registration and Payments:

  • Once you decide to get registered for Regular classes, you have to pay the monthly fee in advance after trial classes.
  • Monthly Payment will be payable in the 1st week of each month from the date you get registered with Tabarak Academy.
  • If you have any issues about the late fees or any concerns about fees or payments then please contact the admin as soon as possible so that your lessons are not stopped.
  • Tabarak Academy reserves the right to stop the classes if the payment is over-due for more than 7 days without any notice or excuse.

Q: Can I upgrade/downgrade my study plan at a later date?

Yes, you can definitely do that.

Also, the student can add extra hours to the current study plan at any time ( it’s optional ). But you have to pay for the extra classes ( For instance, if you subscribed to the 10 hours package, and you still have 3 more days till the end of month, you can take extra classes and pay for them ).

Leave or Absence from Lessons:

  • If you notify your teacher or coordinator at least 3 hours before the class about your Leave/ absence, you’ll be given make up class in another day/ time by the adjustment of the teacher
  • Tabarak Academy teachers can provide maximum 4 make up classes in a month
  • If you don’t inform and remain absent from your lesson without any notice, your class will be marked as absent and there will be no make-up for it (except in case of emergency).
  • Your class timing can be changed on your request anytime 24/7 at your convenience
  • Tabarak Academy holds the right to cancel the classes if any student remains absent from classes for more than 10 days without any prior notice. Request for refund will also not be entertained in such cases.
  •  There is no refund for missed classes, however, the student can take make-up classes for missed classes, if he has sent a prior notice to the teacher.
  • If the student comes 5 minutes late or 10 minutes late or more later then the teacher is not responsible to give you the remaining time of your class time because online classes work clockwise and we can not ask the students who are next to wait for their classes because the previous student was late.


  • We care about the security of our customers. You are also requested not to share your contact information like phone number, Email address, Social Media account or credit card information, etc. with any teacher. Tabarak Academy will be not responsible in case of misuse.
  • Teachers are also not allowed to ask for or share their contact number, email address, or Social Media accounts with students or parents, if anyone does so, please inform us urgently.
  • Please don’t discuss payment arrangements, fees charges, or anything extra with the teachers. In these cases, contact the Admin through call, Admin Skype, Email, or Whatsapp.
  • If you want to recommend your friends or anyone to enroll with us, kindly, please inform the admin directly, and not the teacher.

Studying in the Academy only:

Not allowed to study with your teacher out of the Academy. (Only in the Academy)

Teachers punctuality:

  • In rare circumstances, a teacher might miss a class (e.g., due to an electric outage, a medical emergency), in such cases, if a teacher is late for the class, the student should contact the teacher and inform her/him that they are online. The teacher will make up for any missed time or class.
  • If the teacher is often late or misses classes, kindly email [email protected] or text the Live Chat icon as soon as possible.
  • Please note that the teacher will inform you of the cancellation of any extra classes which will be more than the number of classes required into your suitable study plan.

Example: If it has been agreed that you will do 4 classes per month on Saturdays, sometimes it happens that there are 5 Saturdays in one month. In that case, the 5th class will be canceled. Your payment is done according to an hourly rate, therefore the extra classes have not been paid for.


Teachers write down all Classes times + Classes Summary Report once they finish each class. Students & parents will receive a monthly progress report. This will provide the opportunity for parents to review the progress of their children.

Rating and feedback:

Our Quality department will email you after a few lessons to ask for your feedback. Please let them know if you have any concerns, inquiries, or complaints. Your feedback helps us to improve our service. We highly appreciate it.

Privacy policy:

Tabarak Academy keeps the privacy of both students and teachers. All personal information is considered secret information that no one has the right to know, copy nor use it in any way.

Leaving our institute:

If the student decides to leave our institute for any reason, we kindly request that they email [email protected] or text the Live Chat icon. Two days earlier than the date of leaving and mention the reason behind that.

Tabarak Academy may revise its Terms of Services & Conditions from time to time to ensure the best education and services to our students and their parents.