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It is one of Tabarak’s Academy’s featured Online Quran & Arabic Classes with Tajweed. The Online course is most suitable for Quran and Arabic beginners. Teachers presenting this course are highly qualified who are Hafiz of the Quran and holding Ijazah.

About the Online Quran & Arabic Classes.

It is the first step in learning the Quran and Arabic for beginners. This course will take the students on a basic learning Quran and Arabic journey. In this journey, they will learn:

  • Reading, writing, pronouncing the Arabic Alphabets
  • Joining the Arabic Alphabets together
  • The short vowels or the Harakat
  • Basic Tajweed and recitation rules
  • Practice reading and Writing general Arabic
  • Practice reading and writing the Quranic verses.

This course is famous for the name “Al Qaida Al Nooraniya Course” or “Noor Al Bayan Course.” 

For Whom is this Online Quran & Arabic Class Designed?

This course is designed to answer the needs of all beginners – both adults and children – who learn the Quran and Arabic Online. So, it is a level-based course, not an age-based course.

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